Our Expertise


Energy transition:

Energy from fossil resources is not socially responsible anymore: we damage our own planet. Clean energy from sustainable resources must be integrated in today’s industrial projects. Reducing CO2 and nitrogen emissions (NOx), boosting the environment.
With passionate pragmatism obstacles are overcome and zero emission projects become feasible.

Project management

Each team member is equally important for the progress of the project. (some are more equal than others) Clear communication, no obsolete functions: each project organization is unique. Caring The Future (CTF) stands for one winning team for each unique project. A team molded for the project, that has all the expertise’s the project requires. This could be an expert in a certain field but also an all-round engineer or manager.


CTF offers multidisciplinary engineering services for all major sectors:
• Oil & Gas
• Chemical
• Food
• Medical
• Production Industry
• Process Industry

Our cross industry experience is applied in:

• Industrial Processes (including de-NOx installations)
• Architectural & Civil engineering
• Mechanical & piping
• Electrical and instrumentation
• Automation

With this broad experience we also have a solid knowledge about the way projects and processes are financed. Capex and Opex projects don’t have an identical approach. The feasibility of a project or even a simple technical solution will be considered by our engineers.